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关于推迟召开2020亚太生物医药合作峰会(Bio Partnering APAC 2020)的通知
我们注意到近期众多疫情期间延期的行业会议及论坛等在近月依次召开。在欣喜于医药行业的繁荣与活跃的同时,我们也了解到由于近期整体行业活动过于频繁,部分发言嘉宾以及参会代表的行程难免会有冲突与不便。我们一直致力于提高亚太生物医药合作品牌峰会的会议质量以及现场与会嘉宾的满意度,因此组委会在慎重考虑并充分尊重与会嘉宾建议后,原定于2020年10月21-22日在上海举办的2020亚太生物医药合作峰会(Bio Partnering APAC)将延期至2021年1月20-21日上海举行。

Bio Partnering APAC 2020 Postponement Notice
Dear Speakers and Delegates,
We have noticed that many conferences are held recently and will be held during the next two months. While rejoicing in the prosperity of the pharmaceutical industry, we also understand that due to the frequent activities, the itinerary of some speakers and delegates will inevitably be conflicted and inconvenient.

We have been committed to improving the quality of Bio Partnering APAC conferences and the satisfaction of the guests. Therefore, the organizing committee, after carefully considering and fully respecting the suggestions of the guests, has decided that Bio Partnering  APAC 2020(originally scheduled on October 21-22, 2020) will be postponed to January 20-21, 2021 in Shanghai.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. And thank you for your continued recognition and support for the Bio Partnering APAC conferences. We look forward to seeing you on site for the grand event!

For any questions, please contact Cheryl at cheryl.zhang@shine-consultant.com
Organizing Committee of Bio Partnering APAC 2020
September 29th, 2020

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